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Keeping Your Balance

Stability and Balance

Imagine sitting at a counter on a stool. You feel stability and balance, making you safe on the ground. This is what we need in life too. Think of life like a four-legged stool, each leg represents four fundamental foundations that we need to live a balanced and fulfilled life. Each leg represents the following:

Important Relationships

Friends and family, Significant other, work (or whatever you do that brings meaning (volunteer work, hobbies))Health and/or spirituality

Ideally we would like to have four solid legs on our stool to keep us grounded and safe. If we need to we could even sit and be stable with 3 solid legs. And even with two, we can place our feet on the floor and maintain balance. However, things can get really difficult with three or more broken legs. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with (or lose) your job, are having a hard time in your relationship, and feel like there is no support system. Life can feel overwhelming.

We’re complex, we’re Human 

As humans, we tend to focus on the broken legs of our stool. We focus on the things that are negative in our lives. It is important to remember that we can focus on ANY of the legs to build up resilience and improve our mood. We can place more focus on the solid leg to build strength to start rebuilding a broken one, or work on a partially broken one. This is why we are here to help you re-build your broken legs. This is what we specialize in. Through active and evidence based strategies in individual 


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