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Clinical Interns

deanna driver

Deanna Driver, Clinical Graduate Intern

Deanna is in her second year of an addiction counseling master’s program at Colorado State University. She will be working toward licensure as a licensed addiction counselor (LAC) and a ...

Sarah Gammoh

Sarah Gammoh, Clinical Graduate Intern

Sarah is currently pursuing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marymount University and is working as a clinical graduate intern under Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC at CCG. Sarah ...


Amanda Beatty – Clinical Graduate Intern

Amanda is an alumni of Morgan State University’s BSW and MSW programs. She is also a sex educator with specialized training and education in human sexuality through Widener University’s MED ...

Allie Neuman – Clinical Graduate Intern

Allie Neuman is a clinical graduate intern counselor under the supervision of Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, heard, and valued in the therapy ...


Oxana Holtmann – Clinical Graduate Intern

Oxana has a deep interest in working with individuals and couples who feel stuck and searching for a new purpose and meaning in their relationships and work. Indications may include ...

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright – Clinical Graduate Intern

Christopher is a counseling intern at the Counseling Center Group. He is completing his Master of Arts in Christian Marital, Family, and Individual Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary working ...

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