Couples Therapy

When couples lack the right tools to deal with conflict, communication becomes a challenge and relationships can suffer. This can lead to increased anger, distance, and other negative relationship patterns. The couple may even believe that their issues are too deep and too complex to ever correct. Reconciliation may seem like only a dream. They feel that they are at the end of their rope.  

Couples Therapy helps couples who are seeking positive change in their marriage or romantic relationships. According to research by the American Association of Marriage and Family, couples therapy has been proven to help over 97% of couples reach their treatment goals. In addition, 93% of couples reported therapy gave them more effective tools and techniques to utilize when conflict arises. Although many couples seek help after serious issues occur, many couples choose to participate in couples therapy as a preventative intervention.

At the Counseling Center Group™, we understand that each couple has a unique connection. In order for couples to get the specialized guidance they need to increase intimacy and/or resolve their conflicts, our counselors draw on various methods, including the Gottman Method, Imago Relationship Therapy and Discernment Counseling. Interventions focus on improving relationships in three primary areas: creation of shared meaning, conflict management, and increase closeness and intimacy. Couples learn skills to replace negative patterns with positive interactions, deepen emotional connection, repair and forgive past difficulties and create changes leading to shared goals.

Some common relationship issues that may be addressed in therapy include emotional distance, poor communication, conflict, and specific problems such as money, parenting, infidelity, and sexual difficulties.

The Counseling Center Group™ provides treatment for couples of all ages, economic, racial, sexual orientation and cultural perspectives. If you’re interested in strengthening your bond with your significant other, email us at, or call us at 888-604-6776.