Family Therapy & Parent Coaching


Family therapy is beneficial for families who may be experiencing any situation that is causing grief, stress, anger, isolation, guilt, or conflict. At the Counseling Center GroupTM, our therapists help you and your loved ones repair damaged relationships, develop necessary coping skills, improve open communication, and find efficient ways of working together. We also assist families who are contemplating divorce, have contrasting parenting styles, have family members with special needs, struggling with substance use, or have loss of warmth, respect, or connection.

We acknowledge the unique needs of each family by working with everyone as a whole unit, and also customizing therapeutic work for individual family members to achieve specific goals. This approach of providing interventions for the family unit but also individually, aims to strengthen the relationships among all family members and ultimately create a cohesive dynamic.

CCG therapists integrate a number of theoretical frameworks into their family therapy interventions, using frameworks that make the most sense for your family’s unique needs. The theoretical frameworks our therapists utilize for family therapy include Family Systems Theory, Structural Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Gottman Therapy and parent coaching. We recognize that each family is different in their own way and has their own unique characteristics, strengths, and challenges. Our therapists develop a specific treatment plan created solely for your family’s goals.


CCG provides coaching for parents/guardians, in order to smoothly assist them and to benefit the entire family dynamic. Our therapists work with all parent/guardian structures; single, couple, or multiple caregivers. Parents/guardians are the tone setters in the home for implementing change strategies. Research has shown that parents/guardians who have participated in evidence-based interventions have had a positively significant, direct impact on the whole family’s dynamic and functioning at the same effectiveness as working directly with the children. Phone coaching provided by our therapists will help guide you through parenting techniques in order to create a fulfilling, functional family life.