Group Therapy

Group Therapy can assist people who are working through any number of psychological challenges. Group therapy is a proven and effective method of therapy. Research indicates that group therapy can be just as effective as individual therapy, and can often be more effective. We currently offer a variety of groups, including DBT skills groups, Emotion Fitness groups, process groups, Mindfulness groups, CBT groups, and The Professional Series.

Groups go through various stages in their development.

These stages are:

Stage 1: Forming

In the beginning of a group experience, there is a high dependence on the leader for guidance and direction. Group members lose sight of their primary reason for being in the group (their personal goals) and instead focus on a secondary goal of fitting in (or looking good) to the group.

Stage 2: Storming

Team dynamics and roles begin to take definition. Members attempt to establish themselves in relation to other team members and the leader. It is not uncommon for power struggles or cliques to form.

Stage 3: Norming

Commitment and unity becomes strong. Agreement and consensus largely forms among the team. The group gets into a groove with how to use and benefit from the time.

Stage 4: Performing

The team is more aware of the dynamics between themselves. There is a focus on accomplishing goals. The group has a shared vision and is able to stand on its own feet with minimal interference from the leader. Conflict may occur but now they are resolved within the group positively, and necessary changes to processes and structure are made. The team is able to work towards achieving goals, and also to attend to relationship, style and process issues along the way. Team members look after each other.

Stage 5: Adjourning

At this stage in the group, goals have been met, and the group’s purpose is fulfilled.

There are numerous therapeutic opportunities for group work. Click here to find out more information about the benefits of group therapy and to learn about our current group therapy options.