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The Counseling center group

How We Treat

Group Therapy

Group therapy is designed to help people reach their highest goals and combat a wide variety of challenges they may be facing.

Group work is an evidence-based intervention that has been proven to be as effective as individual therapy, if not more so.  Our priority in group therapy is to empower our clients and help them create positive changes  that last. CCG provides a range of groups to meet different needs, including:  DBT skills groups, process groups, Emotion Fitness Program groups, CBT groups, Mindfulness groups, Eating Disorder Recovery Groups and The Professional Series.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Our Therapy Groups

MIndfulness Groups
DBT Skills Groups
Process Groups
Emotion Fitness Program Groups
Peers Groups

We Can Help.

If you or a loved one can benefit from Group Therapy, we are here to help.
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