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Parent Coaching Maryland

Parent Coaching in Maryland

Our specialized parent coaching Maryland services are tailored to support parents and guardians in mastering new strategies that significantly lower stress, enhance communication abilities, and nurture a thriving connection with their children.

Each parent or guardian is paired with a dedicated coach, equipped to illuminate the understanding of their child’s behavior, ensure responses meet their child’s needs, and elevate the overall family atmosphere. Our program is inclusive, catering to various family structures, whether it be single parents, couples, or households with multiple caregivers.

Evidence shows the effectiveness of our parent coaching in Maryland, highlighting that families engaging in our evidence-based programs often experience improvements in family dynamics that match or surpass those observed when the child alone receives therapeutic intervention.

This approach is designed to empower parents and guardians with practical parenting techniques that foster a harmonious and functional family environment. By choosing parent coaching at the Counseling Center of Maryland, you’re embarking on a journey towards a more fulfilling family life, guided every step of the way by our experienced coaches.

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Our Parent Coaches in Maryland

Sarah Gammoh

Sarah Gammoh, Clinical Graduate Intern

Sarah is currently pursuing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marymount University and is working as a clinical graduate intern under Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC at CCG. Sarah ...


Sapna Singh, LMSW

Sapna (she/her) is a trauma-informed therapist and licensed social worker in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Before graduating with her MSW from Columbia University in 2023, Sapna was a special education ...

PAULIANN LONG The Counseling Center of Maryland

Pauliann Long, LCSW-C

Pauliann is a heart-centered, integrative clinical practitioner dedicated to helping people navigate major life transitions and crises; cultivate more ease, joy, and balance in their everyday lives; develop an ever-deeper ...

NICOLE FAYARD The Counseling center of Maryland

Nicole Fayard, LCPC/LPC, NCC

Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and board approved supervisor with a post master’s in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Nicole is also a National Certified Counselor ...

MARY CARLOUGH The Counseling center of Maryland

Mary Carlough, LCSW-C

Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) with over 25 years of clinical experience. Mary works with clients struggling with life cycle transitions, work/life balance, relationship issues, separation/divorce, mood ...

Laura Krause

Laura Krause, LCSW-C

Laura uses trauma informed, evidence based and attachment focused approaches to provide a tailored therapeutic experience for each of her clients. She has an extensive background helping individuals, parents, caregivers, ...

Lakhshmi Nagireddy

Lakhshmi Nagireddy, LMSW

My name is Lakhshmi Nagireddy and I am a licensed social worker in Maryland. I work with all ages and specialize in working with kids and teens as well as ...


Heather McMullen, LCSW-C

Heather is a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical and a Board Certified Music Therapist. She provides services through individual therapy, group therapy, and parent support/coaching. She primarily utilizes strengths-based interventions, attachment ...

CLAUDIA CAMARGO The Counseling center of Maryland

Claudia Camargo, LCSW-C, PCIT

Claudia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Parent Child Interaction Therapist (PCIT). She provides individual, group and family therapy. Claudia has over five years’ experience working with adults ...

BROOKE SHAFER the counseling center of Maryland

Brooke Shafer, LCPC/LPC

Winner of the Best of Bethesda in Child and Adolescent Counseling for 2024 Brooke has previously worked in Elementary and Middle Schools and in mental health crisis situations, specializing in ...

beth haytmanek

Beth Haytmanek, LCPC

Beth has a client-centered/humanistic approach with a focus on a strong therapeutic relationship and genuine empathy for her clients. Beth utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT); emotional awareness and tolerance; and is ...

aleenia nkamura

Aleenia Nakamura, LMSW

I have always wanted to see people live the life they want. Since 2015, I have worked in the mental health field specifically in clinical practice, case management, and crisis ...

How Parent Coaching Can Transform Your Family Life

In Maryland, the Parent Coaching program is revolutionizing how families come together, grow, and communicate by providing personalized guidance and support designed to meet the specific needs of each household.

This approach empowers parents by arming them with the tools, understanding, and self-assurance needed to tackle diverse parenting hurdles head-on. Here’s a glimpse into how Parent Coaching Maryland can bring about significant positive changes in family relationships:

  • Fosters Constructive Communication
  • Implements Strategies for Effective Discipline
  • Strengthens Bonds through Emotional Support
  • Boosts Confidence Among Parents
  • Offers Tailored Assistance for Distinct Challenges
  • Aids in Managing Stress More Efficiently
  • Promotes Consistent Parenting Techniques

By focusing on these essential elements of parenting, Parent Coaching Maryland doesn’t just enhance the relationship between parents and children in the short term; it lays the groundwork for enduring harmony and happiness within the family. It equips families to confidently address the complexities of parenting, resulting in a more integrated, supportive, and joyful family life.

Considering Parent Coaching Maryland

Parent Coaching in Maryland stands as a beacon of support for any parent or guardian eager to refine their parenting approach and foster healthier family dynamics. This includes those grappling with behavioral challenges, such as tantrums, resistance, or difficulties in communication, from their children and who are in search of effective methods to navigate these issues.

Furthermore, this coaching is invaluable for parents raising children with special needs, providing customized assistance to overcome the distinct hurdles these families might encounter. Additionally, new and expectant parents will find parent coaching a benefit, arming them with proactive parenting strategies to confidently embark on this new chapter of their lives.

In Maryland, Parent Coaching is a resource for caregivers aiming to:

  • Deepen bonds with their children
  • Elevate the sense of peace within the family unit
  • Tackle parenting-related stress with resilience

With a focus on catering to a diverse array of family situations, Parent Coaching in Maryland offers specialized advice to bolster familial connections and cultivate a supportive, loving household atmosphere for all members.

Navigating Everyday Parenting Hurdles

Parenting in Maryland, though immensely fulfilling, comes with its own set of challenges, each varying with the child’s developmental stage, the family’s unique situation, and external influences. Parent Coaching Maryland is designed to navigate through common parenting obstacles, including:

Discipline: Finding the right balance between being too lenient and too strict is often a struggle for many parents, who seek to implement and maintain rules that resonate with their child’s growth and individuality.

Time Management: The juggling act of managing work, household responsibilities, and the demands of parenting can leave parents feeling overwhelmed, struggling to find moments for quality family time or self-care.

Communication: As children mature, keeping lines of communication open and effective becomes more challenging, requiring parents to adapt and respond to their changing needs and perspectives.

Educational Assistance: Helping with schoolwork, staying in touch with teachers, and understanding the education system are significant concerns for many parents.

Behavioral Challenges: Dealing with issues such as tantrums, defiance, and withdrawal demands specific approaches that Parent Coaching Maryland can offer.

Health and Well-being: Managing both the physical and mental health needs of children, especially those with chronic conditions or mental health challenges, is a critical aspect of parenting.

Navigating Social Dynamics: Helping children deal with peer pressure, social media influence, and building friendships are areas where many parents seek guidance.

Boundary Setting: Creating and maintaining healthy limits on behaviors, screen time, and social interactions pose challenges as children push for more independence.

Adolescent Concerns: The teenage years introduce distinct challenges, from identity exploration to navigating new kinds of relationships and risks.

Parental Self-care: The well-being of parents themselves often takes a backseat, affecting their overall effectiveness and happiness as caregivers.

These aspects underscore the parenting landscape in Maryland, emphasizing the value of reaching out for support when needed, be it through family, friends, or professional avenues like Parent Coaching Maryland.

Advantages of Parent Coaching in Maryland

Parent Coaching in Maryland offers a lifeline to families navigating the complexities of contemporary parenting. Through personalized sessions with our seasoned therapists, families receive guidance tailored to forge a robust and cohesive unit, emphasizing hands-on solutions and tactics to cater to the distinct needs of each household.

Benefits of Parent Coaching Maryland:

  • Enhances Communication
  • Balanced Discipline
  • Stress Reduction
  • Supports Children’s Needs
  • Strengthens Family Bonds
  • Builds Parental Confidence
  • Tailored Guidance
  • Resource Access

Parent Coaching Maryland is dedicated to empowering families to cultivate a supportive and positive domestic atmosphere, where both children and parents can flourish together.

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