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Parsippany NJ DBT-C

DBT-C Therapy for Children in Parsippany, NJ

Childhood is a vital time for growth and development, requiring care and nurturing. As a parent, you want the best ways to help your child manage the complex emotions and feelings they experience.

Consider Parsippany NJ Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children (DBT-C). This effective therapy is designed for pre-adolescents dealing with intense emotions, impulsive behavior, tantrums, extreme thinking, and difficult verbal or physical reactions.

Our DBT-C programs aim to teach children how to manage their emotions, build healthier relationships, and encourage positive behavioral changes. Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping your child discover their strengths and develop the tools needed for a happier, healthier future.

If you’re looking to support your child’s emotional and behavioral well-being, exploring Parsippany NJ DBT-C could be a significant step forward. Start your child’s brighter tomorrow today!

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Meet Our DBT-C Therapists in Parsippany, NJ

Our Parsippany NJ DBT-C therapists are dedicated to using evidence-based methods. They tailor their interventions to meet the specific needs of each child, ensuring they are rooted in the latest research. With a collaborative and non-judgmental approach, our therapists build a sense of trust, which is essential for the therapy’s success.

Jess Haddad

Jessica Haddad, LCSW

Jess is the Clinical Director of The Counseling Center of New Jersey. Her style is attentive, caring, and driven to support and empower her clients as they create a life ...

A Closer Look at DBT-C Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children (DBT-C) in Parsippany, NJ builds on the foundational principles of traditional DBT while catering specifically to your child’s developmental needs.

Key Differences in DBT-C:

Comprehensive Parent Training:

An essential part of DBT-C is the training provided to parents. We equip parents with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their child’s challenging behaviors. Parents become coaches, integrating the therapy skills into daily routines to create a supportive and consistent environment at home, which is vital for the child’s progress.

Child-Centric Individual Therapy:

Our DBT-C sessions are designed to be engaging and effective for children. Using child-friendly materials like cartoons and videos, along with interactive activities like role-playing, we ensure that your child connects with the therapeutic process. These methods make therapy enjoyable and help your child understand and internalize the skills being taught.

At our Parsippany, NJ DBT-C sessions, we prioritize the well-being of the entire family. We ensure that children receive the support and guidance they need both in therapy and at home. Your child’s development is our top priority, and we’re here to support your family every step of the way.

Is DBT-C Right for Your Child?

Parsippany, NJ DBT-C is specifically designed to address a variety of challenges commonly faced by pre-adolescents.

Is your child dealing with any of the following issues?

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Grief and loss
  • Family issues
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Bullying
  • Divorce

Parsippany, NJ DBT-C is a valuable resource, offering support and effective solutions. We understand that each child is unique, with their own personality and needs. Our DBT-C therapists create personalized strategies and guidance to help your child overcome any obstacles they face.

Empowering Your Child Through DBT-C Therapy

Childhood is a time of incredible growth and major changes. Many children find it challenging to manage their emotions and face difficult obstacles.

As parents, we aim to create a loving and supportive home where our children can thrive and grow. However, there are times when our kids need a bit more help.

When life becomes too overwhelming for your child, specialized counseling that matches their age and understanding can make a huge difference. Children often struggle to control their emotions and express their feelings, leading to visible signs of distress.

As these challenges build up, they can impact different areas of a child’s life. Relationships may suffer, and issues like aggression, loneliness, anxiety, and depression can arise.

At the Counseling Center of New Jersey® in Parippany, we are dedicated to supporting your child’s growth and well-being. Our skilled Parsippany NJ DBT-C therapists are ready to equip your child with the essential tools for self-regulation, emotional management, and decision-making. Your child’s journey to thriving starts here.

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