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Counseling in New York City: Achieve Lasting Change

What We Treat

Counseling in New York City: Achieve Lasting Change

Counseling in NYC

Welcome to the Counseling Center Group®, here we’re committed to helping individuals, groups, couples, and families live a life they love.

We’re here to help you discover your true self and achieve lifelong transformative results in a short period of time.

Our expert team of therapists will provide you with evidence-based tools and strategies specifically tailored to your unique needs, setting you on the quickest path to a happier, healthier life.

If you’re seeking meaningful change, counseling in New York City is a place where you can pause, reflect, and focus entirely on your well-being.

Here, therapy is a personalized journey crafted around you.

Take the first step towards a life full of clarity, purpose, and joy – if you have any questions or are ready to get started, contact us today!

We are located in Manhattan, and Harrison, Westchester County

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How We Treat

At the Counseling Center Group®, we understand that life’s challenges are unique to each individual. That is why we offer a broad range of services specifically tailored to meet your particular needs.

Individual Therapy

Life often throws curveballs, leaving many feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Through our individual therapy, you can find the courage to face life’s uncertainties and challenges. We offer you not just temporary fixes but lifelong tools for a happier, more content you. We’re committed to seeing you thrive.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are intricate, and every couple faces their set of challenges. Our couples therapy aims to not only resolve your issues but to also rediscover the passion, love, and unity that once brought you together. We’ll help you rebuild the bond and make it stronger than ever with our cutting-edge targeted therapeutic approaches. Here, your relationship becomes a partnership built on shared meaning and mutual respect.


Family dynamics can be as complicated as they are rewarding. Our family therapy focuses on restoring broken bonds, improving communication, and developing coping skills. We help families grappling with a range of issues, from parenting struggles to substance abuse, ensuring that each family member is heard and valued.


Parenting is one of the most demanding roles you can ever undertake. Our evidence-based Parent/Guardian Coaching empowers you to build stronger relationships with your children while maintaining your peace of mind. We’re committed to helping you navigate the complexities of parenting with ease and confidence.


Imagine a circle of support where you are valued, heard, and uplifted. Our group therapy sessions are your gateway to personal growth and emotional well-being. From building resilience to fostering positive relationships, group therapy propels you towards your highest goals.

Through our Counseling in New York City, you’re not just overcoming challenges, you’re embracing a brighter, better future.

Benefits Of Counseling in NYC

If you’ve been experiencing emotional struggles, relationship issues, or simply feeling stuck, you may wonder, “Can counseling truly benefit me?” We’re here to reassure you that the answer is yes.

Our specialized counseling in New York City not only offers immediate relief but also instills lasting change.

Quick, Lasting Results

Our approach is simple: short-term treatments for long-term results. You don’t have to be caught in an endless cycle of therapy to see improvements. We aim for you to experience significant change in a relatively short amount of time.

Master Your Emotions

Imagine living a life where you feel in control of how you react to stress, disappointments, or challenges. Through our practical counseling methods, we’ll help you understand your emotional triggers and how to respond to them positively. You’ll find yourself less overwhelmed and fully in control of your emotional state.

Create Meaningful Relationships

Whether it’s love, family, or friendship, we can equip you with the tools to build stronger bonds. Through our evidence-based approaches like conflict resolution and empathetic communication, you can rediscover the joy of truly understanding and being understood by the people you care about.

Achieve Personal Growth

We’re all a work in progress. Counseling equips you with the tools to reflect, make changes, and grow as a person. We’ll help you discover your true authentic self, understand your emotions, thoughts, and actions that keep you stuck in the same place so that you take control and live a fulfilling life.

Whether you’re facing a specific problem, seeking a general tune-up, or aiming for a profound life change, counseling can truly help.

Don’t let another day go by without unlocking your full potential.

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You don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone.

At the Counseling Center Group®, in New York City our expert therapists are committed to helping you live a healthier and happier life.

Through our personalized strategies and evidence-based tools, we set you on the path to thrive.

Take control of your life today and invest in your well-being because you deserve to live a life you love.