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CBT Therapists DC

CBT Therapists DC

CBT Therapists DC

Meet Our CBT Therapists in DC

Our knowledgeable CBT therapists in DC provide tailored counseling, utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques to empower individuals in managing emotions, enhancing coping strategies, and fostering mental well-being within a supportive therapeutic setting.

Sarah Gammoh

Sarah Gammoh, Clinical Graduate Intern

Sarah is currently pursuing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marymount University and is working as a clinical graduate intern under Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC at CCG. Sarah ...

Allie Neuman – Clinical Graduate Intern

Allie Neuman is a clinical graduate intern counselor under the supervision of Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, heard, and valued in the therapy ...

Emily Rizzo

Emily Rizzo, LCPC/LPC

For the last ten years, Emily has worked with teenagers, adults, and families as a counselor/therapist. During her career, Emily has worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, people of ...


Sapna Singh, LMSW

Sapna (she/her) is a trauma-informed therapist and licensed social worker in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Before graduating with her MSW from Columbia University in 2023, Sapna was a special education ...

CBT Therapists in DC

Life’s adversities can intensify stress, anxiety, or feelings of disconnection, creating negative thought and behavior patterns that lessen our happiness and overall wellness. Escaping from situations that spark intense emotional reactions can exacerbate these issues, reducing our quality of life and well-being.

At the Counseling Center of Washington, DC, our CBT therapists are proficient in employing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to effectively counter and alter these detrimental patterns. CBT aims to transform your perception and interaction with life’s challenges, leading to enhanced mental strategies and an improved quality of life.

Our CBT therapists DC are at the forefront of applying modern, research-backed techniques to actively address your challenges. They pledge to offer the essential tools and sustained support needed to alleviate emotional turmoil, change maladaptive behaviors, and promote considerable personal development.

For individuals looking to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and are desiring a positive change, contact us to schedule a session with our skilled CBT therapists DC, who are committed to facilitating your path to recovery and personal betterment.

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Understanding the Role of a CBT Therapist

At the heart of the therapeutic process, our CBT therapists in DC provide specialized Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) services. Our CBT therapists focus on pinpointing and transforming the negative thought and behavior cycles that contribute to emotional and psychological strife. With a strategic and effective plan, our CBT therapists DC enable individuals to grasp and dismantle the underlying sources of their stress, crafting viable strategies to counter these detrimental patterns.

Our CBT therapists DC go beyond the scope of conventional therapy by serving as mentors who educate clients on applying CBT strategies in everyday scenarios, helping in the management of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. This proactive stance facilitates clients’ mastery over their mental health, fostering resilience and independence.

Tailoring the therapeutic encounter to the unique circumstances of each client, our CBT therapists DC collaborate to establish achievable objectives and devise an all-encompassing strategy for tackling particular emotional and psychological hurdles. Through individualized therapy sessions, engaging exercises, and consistent feedback, our CBT therapists in DC guide clients in developing enduring skills, thus improving their capacity to manage life’s obstacles with enhanced mental adaptability and emotional steadiness.

CBT Techniques

Our CBT therapists in DC are here to help you manage and overcome life’s challenges, using sophisticated techniques for immediate relief and long-term wellness. They guide you on a journey towards greater self-awareness and empowerment, employing a range of effective methodologies:

Cognitive Restructuring: With the guidance of our CBT therapists DC, you’ll learn to spot and transform negative thought patterns, replacing them with positive, realistic ones to improve your handling of life’s challenges.

Behavioral Activation: Rediscover the joy in activities you’ve neglected. Supported by our CBT therapists DC, each step forward renews your sense of satisfaction and well-being.

Problem-Solving Skills: Strengthen your proactive skills in identifying and solving problems. Our CBT therapists DC foster your self-reliance and empowerment, enhancing your ability to navigate life’s obstacles.

Exposure Therapy: Methodically face and overcome your fears in a supportive setting. This technique, particularly effective for anxiety and PTSD, is facilitated by our CBT therapists DC to help you move past the constraints of fear.

With the adept guidance of our CBT therapists in DC, your path to personal growth is continuously supported, ensuring a smoother and more rewarding transformational experience.

What to Expect During your CBT Session

Beginning your therapy journey with our CBT therapists in DC is a critical step towards personal development and increased self-awareness, setting the stage for transformative change and healing. This therapeutic process is designed to help you navigate the complexities of your thoughts and behaviors, offering a structured path to uncover the root causes of your emotional challenges. 

With our CBT therapists DC, you embark on a journey that not only addresses immediate concerns but also fosters long-term resilience and psychological well-being, ensuring a comprehensive approach to mental health care. The process includes distinct stages, each tailored to facilitate your progress and empowerment.

  • Therapy Duration : With our CBT therapists in DC, the therapy’s length can vary from 5 to 20 sessions, depending on your unique needs and the rate of your progress.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving : Together with your CBT therapist DC, you will break down your issues into smaller, manageable parts. This cooperative approach is vital for identifying the effects of specific thought patterns on your emotions and behaviors.
  • Detailed Analysis : In partnership with your therapist DC, you will examine these parts to distinguish between accurate and distorted thoughts, assessing their influence on your personal and relational life.
  • Real-Life Application : Following this comprehensive analysis, you will apply these understandings in everyday situations, leading to positive changes and the integration of healthier behavior patterns.
  • Skill Building : The primary aim is to furnish you with effective strategies to mitigate the negative impact of your issues. Through consistent practice and guided support from our CBT therapists DC, you will master these strategies, ensuring lasting mental health.

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