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DBT Therapists DC

DBT Therapists DC

DBT Therapists DC

Meet Our DBT Therapists in DC

Our DBT therapists in DC provide tailored counseling services to individuals seeking dialectical behavior therapy interventions. With expertise in addressing emotional dysregulation and enhancing coping skills, our DBT therapists DC offer comprehensive support for navigating complex mental health challenges.

Sarah Gammoh

Sarah Gammoh, Clinical Graduate Intern

Sarah is currently pursuing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marymount University and is working as a clinical graduate intern under Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC at CCG. Sarah ...

Allie Neuman – Clinical Graduate Intern

Allie Neuman is a clinical graduate intern counselor under the supervision of Brooke Shafer, LCPC, LPC. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, heard, and valued in the therapy ...

Emily Rizzo

Emily Rizzo, LCPC/LPC

For the last ten years, Emily has worked with teenagers, adults, and families as a counselor/therapist. During her career, Emily has worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, people of ...


Sapna Singh, LMSW

Sapna (she/her) is a trauma-informed therapist and licensed social worker in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Before graduating with her MSW from Columbia University in 2023, Sapna was a special education ...

DBT Therapists in DC

Experience the transformative impact of DBT at the Counseling Center in Washington, DC, where our DBT therapists are committed to driving growth and healing. We provide a sanctuary for those seeking personal transformation and resilience.

Our skilled DBT therapists DC specialize in delivering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a scientifically validated and effective approach designed for swift and profound healing. They accompany you on this transformative path, focusing on cultivating enhanced self-awareness, emotional regulation, and stronger interpersonal skills.

DBT is more than just traditional therapy; it’s a cooperative journey. Our therapists are your partners, highlighting your strengths, guiding you through the complexities of life, and fostering a sense of empowerment and joy. Therapy at the Counseling Center of Washington, DC is an entry into a world of possibilities, where you are equipped to seek growth and savor life’s richness.

Join our community where DBT therapists in DC are passionate about facilitating your journey to unlock your potential and attain well-being. With our team, every day is a chance to evolve, find happiness, and excel on your journey through life.

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The Essential Function of DBT Therapists

In Washington, DC, our DBT therapists are pivotal in providing deep and compassionate support through Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Our DBT therapists in DC help clients untangle complex emotional and behavioral patterns, by offering strategies to reduce stress, regulate emotions, and strengthen interpersonal connections.

Utilizing mindfulness and acceptance practices, our DBT therapists DC cultivate an affirmative space for clients to face and navigate their issues, learning efficient coping strategies. They work in partnership with clients, setting achievable objectives and driving steady progress through personalized therapy sessions, comprehensive group training, and targeted coaching as necessary.

More than conventional therapists, our DBT therapists DC act as agents of transformation, guiding individuals to a balanced and enriched existence. They provide clients with the tools to overcome life’s obstacles with increased resilience and awareness.

Through a holistic DBT methodology that includes individual and group sessions, our therapists DC help clients in honing vital life skills such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Developing these skills is essential for clients seeking to live with mindfulness, emotional stability, and rewarding social interactions, fulfilling DBT’s primary goals of fostering personal growth and mental well-being.

Essential Features of DBT

Led by our DBT therapists in DC, the impact of DBT therapy is founded on mastering four essential skills that are crucial to its effectiveness. These skills validate DBT as a comprehensive and scientifically endorsed therapeutic approach, providing an arsenal for tackling emotional and mental health issues.

Our DBT therapists DC focus intensively on the following key skills:

Mindfulness: Central to DBT therapy, mindfulness is the practice of fully engaging with the present moment and accepting experiences without judgment. Our DBT therapists DC emphasize this to foster increased self-awareness and intentional living.

Distress Tolerance: Given the inevitability of stress and emotional upheaval, our DC therapists prioritize building distress tolerance to help clients withstand challenging emotions without harmful responses.

Emotion Regulation: At the core of the DBT model is the skill of managing intense emotions. Our DBT therapists DC are committed to teaching techniques that help maintain emotional balance, preventing these feelings from overwhelming daily life.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Developing strong interpersonal skills is a vital element of DBT, and our therapists in DC guide clients in articulating their needs and establishing boundaries, which is key to maintaining healthy relationships, clear communication, and effective conflict management.

By developing these fundamental skills, our DBT therapists DC equip clients with a comprehensive toolkit for managing emotional health, improving interactions with others, and overcoming life’s obstacles, thereby rendering DBT an exceptionally empowering form of therapy.

Exploring How DBT Therapy Works

At the Counseling Center in Washington, DC, our DBT therapists offer a comprehensive and intensive DBT therapy program, designed for lasting and profound improvement. This therapy is customized to meet your individual needs, applying an integrated approach that ensures premier quality and outcomes.

Key aspects of our DBT Skills Training under the guidance of DBT therapists in DC include:

Personalized Individual Therapy Sessions: Our DBT therapists DC provide these sessions to refine your DBT skills, tailoring them to your specific challenges and growth goals.

Group DBT Skills Training: Led by our DBT therapists in DC, this group format allows you to engage with and practice DBT skills in a group setting, facilitating mutual learning and support.

On-Demand Phone Coaching: Our DBT therapists DC are available for immediate assistance, offering you quick and practical support to help you manage urgent issues effectively.

Continuous Professional Development: Our DBT therapists DC are dedicated to their ongoing education, keeping abreast of the latest developments in DBT to maintain the highest standards of care and client success.

This holistic approach by our DBT therapists in DC is designed to prompt significant and rapid progress, guiding you towards a more balanced and enriching life.

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