Group therapy: Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness is paying attention, in a particular way, without labeling things as good or bad and without trying to control an outcome. Mindfulness has become a buzzword in our society, and for good reason. There has been tremendous research supporting the effectiveness mindfulness has on improving so many aspects of our lives.

At CCG, our mindfulness groups will teach you both formal practices (meditation and other specific practices), as well as informal practices (how to incorporate mindfulness in your day throughout the day).

Mindfulness reduces pain, tension and stress. It changes your relationship with your thoughts and emotions, shifting you from thoughts and emotions controlling you to being the observer of them. Mindfulness has significant benefits on improving emotion regulation, decreasing feelings of depression, decreasing anxiety, increasing positive emotion, as well as reducing pain, enhanced immune response and many others.

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    Group members have a safe environment in which they can learn skills, practice skills, and receive feedback.