Sam Vaughn

Crisis Intervention, Individual Therapy

Sam is a licensed social worker in private practice, after working in various clinical, management and supervisory positions in clinical and community settings. He previously ran the day-to-day operations of the Erie County Domestic Violence Rape Crisis Center and Non-Residential Domestic Violence provider for New York State, which serviced the statewide hotlines for Domestic and Sexual Violence.

While in this role, he coordinated crisis intervention at eight area hospital emergency rooms, and provided support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. In addition, he started one of five PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Hotline services in the country and helped develop a new way for incarcerated individuals to report sexual assault while incarcerated.

Following his departure from this position, he joined an agency doing forensic mental health evaluations and treatment for individuals and groups involved in the criminal justice process. He is trained in the globally-used, evidenced-based assessment actuaries: STATIC-99R, STABLE-2007, and ACUTE-2007.
In addition to working with patients individually, he also supervised forensic and chemical dependency clinics, which have more than 750 patients admitted yearly. He is in the process of completing an 18-month intensive course and practicum with the Linehan Institute to receive his certification in DBT.

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