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Supporting Staff


Elsie Aviles, Marketing/Content Coordinator

Elsie graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Art. Before joining CCG, she worked in the nonprofit sector, coordinating services for ...

Caroline Gorman.the counseling center group

Caroline Gorman, Practice Manager

Caroline works with the clinicians at the Counseling Center Group to ensure that administrative needs are met with care and efficiency. Caroline graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s ...

Nicole Varbedian

Nicole Varbedian, Intake Coordinator

Nicole is thrilled to be connecting you with our amazing clinicians at CCG to create a welcoming environment from your very first interaction. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology ...

jen dolan

Jen Dolan, Intake Coordinator

Jen works with clients to identify the best clinician fit. She is passionate about connecting clients to evidence-based therapies that will help them achieve their goals. Jen recently returned to ...


Keelie Hotchkiss, Marketing Coordinator

Keelie Hotchkiss is the Marketing coordinator at CCG. Keelie received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in Forensic Science and Psychology and obtained her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis ...

Leah Sugarman The Counseling center of Maryland

Leah Sugarman, Practice Director

Leah Sugarman has worked with The Counseling Center Group as Office Director since June 2019. Her responsibilities include assisting clients in scheduling appointments, coordinating client billing, maintaining office efficiency, and ...

Catherine Turner

Catherine Turner, Office Manager

Catherine is the Office Manager and is excited to be working with the clinicians and admin team at CCG to help form a caring environment from your first interaction. She ...

Emily Cerwonka

Emily Cerwonka, Intake Coordinator

Emily is passionate about collaborating with you and CCG’s clinicians in order for you or a loved one to cultivate positive life changes. Emily is a Maryland native and graduated ...

We Can Help.

No matter the location, our therapists prioritize your well-being, providing support and effective solutions for a range of mental health challenges. Trust our skilled professionals to navigate the complexities of your journey, fostering resilience and promoting lasting positive change.