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casey santora
Red Bank
New Jersey
Therapy Types:
Family, Individual, Parent Coaching
Therapy Methods:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Additional License(s):
Maryland, New York

Casey Santora, LMSW

Casey Santora is a passionate and dedicated licensed social worker with expertise working with children and adolescents to learn techniques and tools which will help them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Caseys specialty areas include anxiety management, behavior modification, emotional regulation, trauma, aggression, ADHD, effective communication and oppositional defiance. Casey takes great pride in working with children and adolescents and understands the level of care and gentleness that is involved with working with this population.

Casey works closely with clients, as a team, to establish specific goals and areas they would like to work towards and/or improve in. Casey prides herself on open, whole, transparent communication and is always eager to discuss treatment plans, goals, questions and agendas with clients. When working with children, Casey forms a close knit relationship with parents so everyone can work as a team for the benefit of the child.

Casey understands the difficulty, as well as any interpersonal feelings that come along with attending therapy; she empowers and commends all individuals on their journey to self improvement. She truly values the importance of a client-therapist relationship and creates a safe, comfortable, holistic and judgment free place for clients to share their feelings, struggles and areas they wish to improve in.

Casey earned both her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Criminology and Masters Degree in Social Work from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Casey has gained expert knowledge, experience and research from multiple prestigious internships working in various settings with direct clinical practice such as schools (ages 0-12 years), outpatient care, court settings (drug court, family court, criminal court), rehabilitation with the previously incarcerated population and intensive in-home therapy. Casey is also a domestic violence and offender reentry advocate.

Casey is a proud life-time member of the Phi Alpha Delta Iota Rho Chapter that works to promote humanistic goals and ideas, such as helping people free themselves from disabling assumptions, emphasizing growth and self-actualization, advocating for human rights, free speech, progressive policies, developing a strong and healthy sense of self, exploring feelings, finding meaning, and focusing on strengths.

Casey is more than happy to schedule a consultation!