Group Therapy: The Professional Series

“Change… that’s all”

The Professional Series was created for individuals that are ready for change in their lives. Unlike a “support group” our focus is on empowerment, breaking old cycles and replacing them with new ones. Although sharing of problems and providing support is a component of this group, it is not the primary focus.

This group serves as both a process group and a skills group. Tools are incorporated into the group as they apply to specific goals and challenges the group members share. Such tools are concrete ways to shift out of repetitive patterns in life and create new ways of being. The skills incorporated into The Professional Series come from empirically supported methods including DBT, CBT, MBSR, as well as from the works of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Gay Hendrix, Tara Brach, Byron Katie, The Conscious Leadership Group, The Sedona Method, and many others.

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    Group members have a safe environment in which they can learn skills, practice skills, and receive feedback.