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Who We Treat


How our Family Therapy Works:

At the Counseling Center Group™, our therapists help you and your loved ones repair damaged relationships, develop necessary coping skills, improve open communication, and find efficient ways of working together. We also assist families who are contemplating divorce, have contrasting parenting styles, have family members with special needs, struggling with substance use, or have loss of warmth, respect, or connection.

Are You Having These Types of Family Issues?

  We’re here to help.

Team work

We acknowledge the unique needs of each family by working with everyone as a whole unit, and also customizing therapeutic work for individual family members to achieve specific goals. This approach of providing interventions for the family unit but also individually, aims to strengthen the relationships among all family members and ultimately create a cohesive dynamic.

We draw from a wide variety of well-researched
therapeutic interventions, including:

  After doing a thorough assessment of the family, including its dynamics and specific needs, our therapists will develop a treatment plan that outlines target goals and the interventions that they will use.

Supporting Families

Depending on the needs of the family, we may work with the family as a whole, or with individual family members. 

Even if therapy focuses on one particular family member for a period of time, the goal remains the same: to strengthen the relationships of all family members.

The Logistics

Often, the most effective intervention in family therapy is to work directly with the parents. In two-parent households, couples counseling can address conflict between parents that becomes magnified in the family system–such as disagreements about disciplining children. Couples therapy can help parents find common ground. Collaboration among parents increases stability, which children respond well to. Single-parent households can also benefit from therapy, especially since they lack the buffer that a spouse can provide when challenges arise with their children. 

We Can Help.

If you or a loved one can benefit from Families, we are here to help.
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