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Who We Treat


The Counseling Center Group™ offers Parent/Guardian Coaching

This type of coaching helps parents and guardians learn new techniques designed to reduce their stress level, improve their communication skills, and foster a positive relationship with their children.

How our Therapy Works:

Parents/Guardians are assigned a coach who will help them understand their children’s behaviors, respond appropriately to their needs, and improve the entire family dynamic. We work with all parent/guardian structures: single, couple, or multiple caregivers. 

Evidence Based Coaching

Research shows that parents/guardians who have participated in evidence-based interventions have seen improvements in their family dynamic that are equal to or better than improvements made when the child alone works with a therapist.

Parent coaching provided by our therapists will help guide you through parenting techniques in order to create a fulfilling, functional family life.

We Can Help.

If you or a loved one can benefit from Parents, we are here to help.
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