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SPACE Treatment – What is it?

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As a parent, it’s natural to want to protect your child from anything that might cause them distress or discomfort. But when it comes to anxiety, sometimes our well-intentioned efforts can actually make things worse. That’s where SPACE Treatment comes in. This innovative approach to treating childhood anxiety is gaining popularity among mental health professionals and parents alike.

SPACE Treatment, which stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, is a parent-based treatment program that focuses on changing the way parents respond to their child’s anxiety. By learning new strategies and techniques, parents can help their child overcome anxiety and build resilience.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what SPACE Treatment is, how it works, and who it’s right for. We’ll also explore the benefits of this approach and how it differs from other anxiety treatments. So, if you’re a parent looking for a new way to help your anxious child, keep reading to learn more about SPACE Treatment.

SPACE Treatment

What Is SPACE Treatment?

Anxiety disorders in children can strike terror in the hearts of parents. But there is hope in the world of SPACE treatment – Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions. This in-home treatment combats anxiety issues in children by employing innovative strategies supported by experts in the field.

Developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center, this innovative treatment program has been proven effective in randomized controlled trials. SPACE works by teaching parents how to respond to their child’s anxiety in a supportive yet productive way.

Who Is SPACE For?

For children and teenagers burdened by crippling anxieties, behavioral disruptions, selective mutism, and crippling somatic complaints, SPACE helps develop daily coping strategies, confidence-building assessments, and crisis workshops with care-expert clinicians for trusted intervention guidelines.

The unique thing about the SPACE treatment is that it’s entirely parent-based. The child doesn’t even have to participate in treatment sessions. Instead, parents learn strategies to help their anxious child cope and thrive.

SPACE treatment effectively empowers parents to take an active role in their child’s life. The transformation that occurs when parents receive the necessary support and guidance is remarkable, as observed in numerous cases. This approach truly helps families thrive.

What Happens In SPACE Treatment?

In SPACE treatment, parents attend weekly sessions with a trained therapist, either individually or with a co-parent. During these sessions, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and understand your child’s anxious behaviors.
  • Techniques for responding supportively to your child’s distress.
  • Ways to reduce accommodations you may be making that enable anxiety.
  • How to help your child face their fears step-by-step.

Parenting on high alert, we flinch when our tiny humans show signs of distress. We want to wipe away their tears and snuggle away their sorrows. But in those primal moments, we must instead choose to stand back and let our children confront their fears, teaching them the value of perseverance and character in the process.

SPACE treatment is admirable for its focus on changing parental behaviors rather than pressuring the child to change. With supportive parenting and the right environment to grow, anxious children can learn to overcome anxiety and live fully.

How Does SPACE Work?

SPACE treatment typically involves 12 weekly sessions with a therapist who coaches parents in the core skills. But how exactly does SPACE work to treat children’s anxiety? Let’s break it down.

Reducing Accommodations

One of the main changes parents learn to make in SPACE is reducing accommodations. Accommodations are things we do to help a child avoid or alleviate their anxiety in the moment. Some common examples:

  • Always answering a child’s repeated questions for reassurance.
  • Allowing a child to skip school when they feel anxious.
  • Doing things for a child that they’re afraid to do themselves.

Famed for their nurturing nature, parents sometimes may not realize that their aid can inadvertently worsen anxiety in the long run. To break this cycle, they must develop strategies to gradually wean off their accommodations while maintaining empathy and emotional support.

A memorable case involved a teen with severe social anxiety. For years, her mother had been ordering food for her at restaurants. Through SPACE treatment, the mother learned to step back and warmly encourage her daughter to order for herself. Although challenging at first, the teen now confidently speaks up for herself, and both she and her mother are extremely proud.

Parents Need To Have A Unified Front

For SPACE treatment to work, parents need to present a united front. Consistency is key. If one parent reduces accommodations while the other continues them, it sends mixed messages and makes progress tough.

In SPACE treatment, the therapist works with parents or caregivers to get on the same page. You’ll learn to support each other in holding boundaries, resisting accommodations, and cheering your child on as they face difficult situations.

This can be tricky in divorced or blended families. However, parents have been observed putting aside their differences and coming together beautifully in SPACE treatment, united in their love and dedication to helping their child thrive.

With the tools learned in this evidence-based program, parents become their child’s anxiety coach and number one supporter. As a result, the whole family learns to relate to childhood emotions in a healthier way. And the child develops the confidence and skills to handle life’s challenges, big and small.


Key Takeaway:

By empowering parents with the right strategies, SPACE treatment becomes a safety net that allows anxious kids to grow and thrive; letting go of the need to “rescue” them, parents create space for their child to develop essential coping skills and confidence.

Who Is SPACE Right For?

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to see your child struggling with anxiety. You want nothing more than to help them overcome their fears and thrive. But where do you turn? What kind of treatment will actually make a difference for your anxious child?

That’s where SPACE Treatment comes in. This innovative program, developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center, is specifically designed for children and adolescents grappling with a range of anxiety disorders, from separation anxiety and social anxiety to panic disorder, specific phobias, and selective mutism.

It’s heartbreaking to see children burdened by anxiety, missing out on the carefree joy of childhood. This evidence-based program has proven to be a turning point for helping anxious kids regain their happiness and confidence.

Solid support starts at home, and SPACE treatment is dedicated to helping parents like you be there for your child. By shifting the focus from just the child to the entire family, SPACE helps you learn the skills and techniques you need to help your child thrive despite anxiety.

Curious about parenting tools that really work? Look no further than our parent-based treatment program, designed to help you effectively address the specific challenges your child is facing.

  • Separation anxiety – clinging to you, refusing to go to school or sleep alone.
  • Social anxiety – avoiding social situations, struggling to make friends.
  • Generalized anxiety – constant worrying, always on edge.
  • Panic disorder – intense fear and physical symptoms like racing heart.
  • Specific phobias – extreme fear of things like dogs, heights, or needles.
  • Selective mutism – unable to speak in certain situations despite talking normally at home.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder – consumed by intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

No matter what type of anxiety your child is dealing with, SPACE Treatment can help. By targeting the family dynamics that often inadvertently fuel anxiety, SPACE gets to the root of the problem. And the best part? Your child doesn’t even have to be in the room. SPACE is all about empowering you as the parent to be the change your child needs.

The Benefits Of SPACE Treatment For Childhood Anxiety

When your child is battling anxiety, it can feel like your whole world is turned upside down. Watching them struggle with intense fears and worries is enough to make any parent feel helpless. But here’s the good news: SPACE Treatment offers a beacon of hope for families dealing with childhood anxiety.

  • Provide supportive parenting that validates your child’s emotions without feeding into their fears.
  • Help your child cope with difficult situations and anxious thoughts.
  • Gradually expose your child to feared situations in a gentle, step-by-step way.
  • Reduce accommodations you may be making that unintentionally reinforce anxiety.
  • Foster your child’s bravery and confidence to face their fears head-on.

Login to a brighter future with kid anxiety: it’s attainable with a clever solution like SPACE Treatment.

As one mom put it after completing SPACE Treatment: “I feel like I finally have my child back. Seeing them smile and enjoy life again, it’s everything.” That’s the power of SPACE. It doesn’t just reduce anxiety symptoms – it empowers families to thrive.

If you’re ready to help your anxious child take back their life, SPACE Treatment could be the key. With a proven track record and a focus on supportive parenting, SPACE offers a path forward for families struggling with childhood anxiety. You don’t have to face this alone – SPACE is here to guide you every step of the way.


Key Takeaway:

Imagine being your child’s superhero, equipping them with the tools to slay anxiety monsters and thrive in life; that’s what SPACE Treatment can help you achieve – empowering you to be your child’s anxiety coach, so they can break free from anxiety’s grip and live life to the fullest.

How SPACE Differs From Other Anxiety Treatments

With extensive experience working with families struggling with childhood anxiety, it is clear that SPACE treatment offers a unique approach compared to other interventions. While cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often considered the gold standard for treating anxiety disorders, SPACE focuses on the role of parents in their child’s recovery.

CBT typically involves working directly with the child to identify and challenge anxious thoughts and gradually expose them to feared situations. In contrast, SPACE acknowledges that parents’ behaviors and reactions can inadvertently maintain or worsen their child’s anxiety. By equipping caregivers with tools to respond more supportively and reduce accommodations, SPACE empowers parents to become active agents of change.

A key difference is that in SPACE, the child doesn’t necessarily need to participate in treatment sessions. This can be a game-changer for families where the child is resistant or too young to engage in traditional therapy. Instead, parents work closely with the therapist to develop and implement a customized plan for addressing their child’s specific anxiety concerns.

SPACE is not a replacement for CBT or other evidence-based programs; it can be used as a standalone intervention or in conjunction with CBT for a comprehensive approach. The goal is to provide families with options that best fit their unique needs and preferences.

The profound impact of SPACE in practice demonstrates that it offers a valuable alternative for families seeking a parent-based, non-intensive treatment option. By harnessing the power of the parent-child relationship, SPACE helps families overcome anxiety together, fostering resilience and long-term success.

What To Expect During SPACE Treatment Sessions

For those considering SPACE treatment for a child’s anxiety, understanding the process is crucial. Here is an overview of what to expect during SPACE therapy sessions.

First and foremost, SPACE is a collaborative journey between the therapist and parents. You’ll work closely together to develop detailed plans designed for your child’s specific needs. This involves identifying triggers, monitoring current parental behaviors, and setting goals for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About SPACE Treatment

One common question parents ask is how long SPACE treatment typically lasts. While every family’s journey is unique, the program usually involves 12 weekly sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes. During this time, we’ll cover a lot of ground, from psychoeducation about anxiety to practicing new skills and strategies.

Another frequent concern is whether SPACE can be effective without the child’s direct involvement. The short answer is yes. SPACE recognizes that parents play a crucial role in shaping their anxious child’s emotional experiences. By focusing on modifying parental behaviors and increasing supportive responses, we can create positive ripple effects that extend to the child’s well-being.

Key takeaways include identifying practical tools for streamlining accommodations, re-establishing individual limits, and harmonizing perspectives with their child’s emotions; all expertly packaged in small-bite sessions for everyday implementation.

About the issue of medication or therapy compatibility, there’s good news: SPACE absolutely goes hand-in-hand with other evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or pharmacotherapy. In fact, the skills we learn in SPACE can even amplify the effectiveness of concurrent interventions.

Throughout our treatment journey, we’ll stay attuned to your child’s symptoms, adapting our approach as necessary to enable you to nurture your child’s bravery and resilience beyond the final session.


Key Takeaway:

Password to unlock anxiety relief: team up with your therapist to craft a customized plan, learn to modify your behaviors and reactions, and empower yourself to become the change agent your child needs to overcome anxiety.


SPACE Treatment is a game-changer for parents of anxious children. By empowering parents with the tools and strategies they need to support their child’s emotional growth, SPACE Treatment offers a new path forward.

Breaking away from traditional anxiety treatments, SPACE Treatment prioritizes the role of parents in their child’s mental health journey. By shifting their perspective, parents can create a constructive dialogue with their child, fostering a sense of safety and security.

But SPACE Treatment isn’t just about helping children overcome anxiety in the short term. It’s about building resilience and emotional intelligence that will serve them well throughout their lives. With the skills and confidence they gain through SPACE Treatment, children are better equipped to handle the challenges and setbacks that life inevitably brings.

Many parents bear the palpable weight of seeing their children crushed by overwhelming anxiety. Like being confined to a cage, feelings of hopeless struggle can seep in. Amidst this emotional stench, our SPaes treatments hold an opportunity to rebirth connection with empathetic and guide therapists. Blended strategies resonate harmony fostered resilience build and freedom lies in this treatment

So, if you’re ready to take the first step towards a brighter future for your child, consider exploring SPACE Treatment. With its proven track record and focus on empowering parents, it just might be the key to unlocking your child’s full potential. Contact the Counseling Center Group to get started today! 

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